GULMARG GONDOLA: Riding the World's Highest Cable Car


The highest point of the mountain affords a view of the Line of Control, or LOC.


The meadows, summits, and even pine and fir trees are coated in a fresh layer of snow in the months of January and February. The Gulmarg gondola is the best route to reach Apharwat Mountain and view the Nanga Parbat and Harmukh range.


Beginning at a height of 2,600 metres (8,500 feet), the cable car journey ascends for five kilometres in three stages, reaching its highest point at Mary's Shoulder in the Apharwat range at 3,950 metres (12,960 feet).


The feeling and images of the snow-covered meadows, the sight of the tall mountains, and the overall location will provide you with a lifetime recollection of stunning beauty.


The more than 30-minute cable car ride offers a panoramic view of the ski resorts, the rice-bowled meadow Kongdoori, Khilanmarg, and Apharwat Mountain.


Phase 1 rises 400 metres vertically after starting at a height of 2,990 metres.

You must climb 1,330 more vertical metres in Phase 2 to reach a height of almost 4,000 metres.


The Gulmarg Gondola, which connects Kongdoori and Mary Shoulder allows you to go on skiing excursions. The majority of Gulmarg's skiing competitions take place here.

Due to the design of the cars, skiers can easily transport their gear all the way to the summit in them. In total, there are 90 chairs.


The Gondola is readily capable of carrying 600 passengers in one hour.


Gulmarg ski tickets are available as single lift tickets, daily passes, weekly passes, and season passes.


Despite being short, the ride is worthwhile because of the scenery. You can go outside, explore the region, take in the views, and eat at the small tea shops and eateries.


Nearby, around 2 kilometres distant, is a little waterfall.



The Gulmarg gondola trip is the ideal way to create lasting memories. Everyone aspires to satiate their inner child. In Gulmarg, everyone who rides the gondola turns into a kid and plays in the snow, climbing a mountain on a horse, or skiing, irrespective of their age. There is no better way to explore Gulmarg and Khilanmarg at their best and to completely appreciate the Himalayan landscape than to ride in the Gulmarg gondola, the second-highest cable car network in the world!


Gulmarg is roughly 49 kilometres (30 miles) from Srinagar and 31 kilometres (19 miles) from Baramulla. The settlement is situated in the Pir Panjal Range in the Western Himalayas, inside the boundaries of the Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary. The Gulmarg Gondola is the main tourist attraction in Gulmarg and is the second-largest and tallest cable car installation in the world and Asia. In fact, the trip to Gulmarg is deemed incomplete if it does not include a ride in the cable car.


Families travelling together, couples on a date, and adventurers seeking to reach the mountain's summit for the best skiing can all benefit from participating in this must-do activity in Gulmarg (in winter). While riding in the cable car, you may experience unmatched and incomparable views of the valley and mountains. Six people can ride in the gondola simultaneously, and around 600 people can be transported each hour. Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful hill towns in Jammu and Kashmir. In the winter, it becomes a ski resort. You can go 5 kilometres in the air by gondola in 30 minutes.


 Since the journey is divided into three parts, there is no need to ascend to the peak. If desired, you can choose to give up after the first stage or continue all the way to the summit, which will require three gondola flights and a 30-minute ascent.


The launching location of the Gulmarg Gondola is 20 minutes away from Gulmarg. Despite the abundance of cabs, walking is a simple way to get there.


Phase 1 of the Gulmarg Gondola carries travellers from Gulmarg Resort to Kongdoori Station (middle station). It starts at an elevation of 2,990 metres and climbs 400 metres vertically. 1500 people are transported each hour up to 3100 metres in elevation, where there are many easily accessible novice ski runs. The Gulmarg Gondola Phase 2 connects Kongdoori Mountain with Apharwat Peak. The cable car ascends 1,330 metres, or around 4,000 feet, in the air. It can transport 600 people each hour. After reaching the station, you can continue your 30-minute hike to the peak. From this position, it is possible to see the Line of Control, or LOC.


Beautiful views of the Nanda Devi, LOC, and Pir Panjal ranges can be taken from the Gulmarg Gondola. Along with admiring the magnificence of the Himalayan mountain ranges, tourists have the option of participating in a variety of sports like horseback riding and snow skiing. The Gulmarg Gondola Chairlift connects Kongdoori with Mary Shoulder, where the majority of skiing competitions are conducted. Skiers can even get their equipment to the summit because of the structure's 90 chairs. It takes 11 minutes to accomplish it.


When you compare the cost of Gulmarg tickets to the pricey lift ticket prices at ski slopes in Europe and North America, you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Typically, skiers and snowboarders buy one or more single tickets.


The bowls near the gondola become tracked after the first run or first few runs, causing you to travel further and take more time. Skiing at around 4,000 metres can also be exhausting. The Gulmarg Gondola Corporation released new tickets and e-tickets for the 2012–2013 ski season. The ticket office is located about 100 metres off of the main road. You must make the short distance from the ski resort gate to the chosen ticket window, buy your tickets, and then make your way back to your skis and group of friends.



In Venice, people are transported in traditional flat-bottomed rowing boats called gondolas.


Later, a variety of different types of transportation, including rail, balloon, aeroplane, ferris wheel, etc., were given the same name. The phrase "cable car" should be replaced with "gondola lift" since this is what a cable car actually is.


Like a typical elevator in a building, a gondola in Gulmarg will take you up and down between levels.


How to Travel from Kongdori to the Gulmarg Gondola

The journey from Gulmarg to the Gondola's starting point takes 20 minutes. To reach there, you can either walk or hire a taxi. In addition, you can arrange for a pony to deliver you to the cable station's entrance. Since there are so many pedestrians on the street, people choose to walk rather than ride a pony.


The gondola station is located at the very end of the main market road. If you are sitting somewhere near the Maharani Temple, you need to start walking in the opposite direction because you are at the opposite end of the road.


Going to the Gondola boarding station is the first step in organising a ride. The Maharani temple is located about two kilometres away.


Boarding Zone

It is the Gulmarg Gondola access gate, though it looks like a hotel. Everything is inside, including a large waiting space and a boarding area.


This is where you get aboard the gondola. It is contained by the building. The Gondola continues to go; it never stops. You must thus enter the car while it is still going. It won't halt so that you can board before moving on.


However, because the ticket office is outside, make sure you buy your tickets before going inside. The time to make reservations is now.


How to Get Gulmarg Gondola Tickets

Purchasing of tickets can be made at the Gondola counter in Gulmarg or online at the website of the Jammu & Kashmir Cable Car Corporation (link). Tickets can often be hard to find at the door during busy times, therefore it is usually best to buy them online. The Gulmarg Gondola is a high-altitude cable car that is situated in Gulmarg, Jammu & Kashmir.

 Among higher lines lies the Dagu Glacier Gondola.


Remember that there are three portions to cover in the Gulmarg gondola, each of which is at a different elevation.

You only need two to three hours to completely enjoy the gondola ride and the other activities.


You need a ticket for each phase.

In 2011, the cable network installed a chair vehicle that takes you to the highest point.


You will need to present a valid photo ID, so don't forget to bring one. You will not be able to purchase tickets without it. Any ID card issued by the government, such as an Aadhar Card, driver's licence, voter ID, or PAN Card, would do.


Levels of GULMARG Gondola Riding


The cable car ride consists of two levels or stages.


Phase I: in the bowl-shaped Kongdori Valley, from Kongdori Station to the Gulmarg resort station (2600 m), which can be reached in 9 minutes.


Phase II: the journey to Kongdoori Mountain (3747 m), the shoulder of Apharwat Peak, from Kongdori Station takes 12 minutes.

In 2011, the third phase of the Gulmarg Gondola project saw the installation of 90 chairlifts. Kongdori and Mary Shoulder, the location of major skiing events, are connected by a chairlift. The chairlift takes 11 minutes to get from one place to another.




The French business Pomagalski and the government of Jammu & Kashmir have joined forces on the cable car project. The first part of the ropeway was completed in 1998, and a record amount of time was required to complete the second phase, which included 36 cabins and 18 towers. After a two-year wait, it finally opened to the public on May 28, 2005. From the Gulmarg resort, which is situated at 2,600 metres (8,530 feet), the first stage of the journey is made to Kongdoori Station in the Kongdori valley, which has the shape of a bowl.


The second stage of the ropeway, which is located on Kongdoori Peak, a shoulder mountain, and has 36 cabins and 18 towers, carries skiers to a height of 3,747 m (12,293 ft). 4200 m (13,780 ft) (13,780 ft)(proximity) high Afarwat Peak. The second stage was completed in a record-breaking two years for a cost of 180,000,000 Indian Rupees (or roughly US$4.5 million), and it was unveiled on May 28, 2005. The French company also built the first phase of the gondola project, which linked Gulmarg to Kongdoori, in 1998.


Entry Fee: There is a first-stage fee of INR 700 (11 US dollars), and a second-stage fee of INR 900. (15 US dollars). The chairlift is 300 INR in price.


For 300 INR, chair cars for phase-II are also available. After finishing the first stage, it takes approximately nine to twelve minutes to complete the second.



The Gulmarg Gondola is accessible from 10 AM to 5 PM. However, timetables are determined by the weather.



The best time of year to take a ride on the Gulmarg Gondola is during the winter because it offers the best skiing chances. But you may take the cable car ride any time of year. Depending on the time of year and the volume of traffic, the Gulmarg Gondola trip might last anywhere between one hour and two.



Buy Gulmarg Gondola tickets online to avoid the hassle of standing in line and the inaccessibility of slots.


The boarding card for the Gulmarg Gondola is valid for three hours after it is issued to you. If you receive the permit before 5:00 PM, the cable car ride will be closed.It will only be valid for two hours starting at 3 PM.


The three stages of the Gulmarg Gondola's operation.


From the Gulmarg ski resort to Kongdoori Mountain, tourists are carried by Kongdori station.


Except for children under two, everyone is welcome to ride in Gulmarg's Phases I and II of the gondola.


Phase III of the Gulmarg cable car is only available to riders who are at least 11 years old.


If you want to climb Kongdoori Mountain's Mary Shoulder, you need to be aware of AMS challenges and acclimatisation requirements (since it is located above an altitude of 10,000 feet)


The majority of the action-packed adventure pursuits, including skiing competitions, take place close to Mary Shoulder.


Five kilometres are overall covered by the gondola journey.


You should be aware that Gulmarg will be crowded from November to March, and that there can be long lineups to board the gondola. Watch out for common scams, such as "guides" who pressure you to rent gumboots or bother you.


Most families and a large portion of individuals only travel as far as Phase 1 before returning. A another Gondola will take you to the nearby Apharwat peak if you want to go even further.


Keep in mind that the Gulmarg booking desk is the only place where you can buy tickets for Phases 1 and 2. There isn't a reservation counter at Kungdoor.


You will be needed to present a valid photo ID, so don't forget to bring one. You won't be able to book a ticket without it. Any ID card issued by the government, such as an Aadhar Card, driver's licence, voter ID, or PAN Card, would do.


Recommended for: Nature lovers, adrenaline seekers, and admirers of photography are all invited to ride the Gulmarg gondola in order to have the time of their lives while visiting Gulmarg. The sport is also extremely popular among skiers.


AGE REQUIREMENT: During phases I and II, everyone is permitted to use the gondola, with the exception of extremely young children under the age of three.

During phase III, children under the age of 11 are not allowed to ride the chair cable car.

Patients with heart conditions or breathing problems shouldn't go past the first stage.





It is the ski season, so there are lots of skiers out and about. Gulmarg is one of the best ski areas in the country.


In order to transport skiers and their equipment to high altitudes from where they could ski back down, the Chair vehicle was developed. There will be a lot of snow, and periodically the weather can change unexpectedly, temporarily closing the ride.


GULMARG Gondola in February

It will virtually be the same situation, with the exception that there will be a lot more snow in February than there was in January. In the winter, February is the best month to travel to Gulmarg. Snowstorms and gondola closures because of bad weather are also highly likely.


March, Gulmarg Gondola

By the end of the month, only the upper regions would still have snow and it would mostly stop falling from the sky. The likelihood that the ride will be cancelled due to bad weather is quite low. At this moment, Phases 1 or 2 of the Gondola at Gulmarg are frequently covered .


Gulmarg Gondola in April

Nearby vegetation will be abundant, and snowfall will only occur at higher elevations, like Phase 2. At this time, there will be a combination of green and white sights. The weather will also be favourable, with cold nights and moderately warm days.


Gulmarg Gondola in May

The greatest time to visit is actually not now because lineups can get long.A 20 to 25 minute gondola ride will need you to spend the entire day waiting in line to board a lift. But it's also one of the best times to take a family trip to Gulmarg.


Gulmarg Gondola in June

In June, Gulmarg experiences occasional dry weather. At this time, the weather will be almost perfect.


Gulmarg Gondola in July

The region's monsoon season begins by the end of June. The throngs will start to dwindle in July.


Gulmarg Gondola in August

During this month, the commute is the least crowded.


September, Gondola in Gulmarg

This is one of the best times to ride a gondola. The landscapes will be covered in lush greenery, and the weather won't be too bad. If you’re lucky, phase 2 might even experience some snow during the month.


October, Gondola at Gulmarg

Now that fall is here, the scenery will turn more orange. In contrast, there is a little rise in crowding in October. The chance of a brief snowfall increases as the temperature drops.


November, Gulmarg Gondola

The temperature will be too low despite the fact that there won't be much snow. It won't be extremely crowded right now, but. Planning a cost-effective vacation is possible right now.


Gulmarg Gondola in December

Except for the possibility of snowfall in Gulmarg at any moment after mid-December, December will be dry like November.





The closest airport is at Srinagar, 56 kilometres from Gulmarg. It is a domestic airport with regular flights to significant Indian cities from Delhi, Mumbai, and Amritsar.


TRAIN: Jammu, which is located 290 kilometres away, has the closest train station. The Jammu railway station is well connected to the majority of railheads in big Indian cities. Some of the well-known trains include the Jammu Rajdhani, Himgiri Express, Swarak Express, Andaman Express, and Himsagar Express, which connects Trivandrum City's farthest railhead.



There are available regular, premium, and luxury buses that are operated by both public and private companies.




1.  When does the Gulmarg Gondola close/shut down?

The gondola trip is available throughout the year, except for periods of bad weather.

If there is a lot of snow, rain, or wind, the ride is closed out of safety concerns.



It can be done on the internet portal or at the counter, both online and offline.


3. Should I make reservations for a Gondola ride in Gulmarg in advance?

Making a Gondola cable car reservation in advance is risky. The cable car service could be halted at any time due to an unforeseen weather change.


4. How long does a Gulmarg gondola ride last?

The Gulmarg Gondola trip could take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the weather.


5. Can we cover Gulmarg in a single day?

If you are pressed for time, you can finish it in a single day. By departing early from Srinagar, you can arrive in Gulmarg by 9 or 10 am. Visit places like St. Mary's Church and the Maharani Temple Stroll around the golf course after church.


6. Is it possible to buy gondola tickets online?

The Gondola tickets are offered online for everyone's convenience and accessibility.


7.Which gondola ride in Kashmir is better?

The Gulmarg Gondola is undoubtedly a wonderful experience with its lovely above-clouds vantage point and snow. To stop at phases 1 and 2, you must pay 800 rupees each person. To avoid walking to the boarding station, rent an ATV for 300 rupees.


8. Is it okay to bring kids on the Gulmarg Gondola?

Except for toddlers under two, the first and second portions of the Gulmarg gondola trip are accessible.


9. Do we need to bring cash for the Gulmarg Gondola?

Yes, it is preferable to have cash on hand since you can indulge in snow adventure.

Additionally, you should have cash with you unless you have already reserved a gondola.


10.What should I wear in Gulmarg?

Mufflers, snow boots, thick coats, thermals, and woollens, woollen socks