Kashmir is a beautiful place. The beauty of Kashmir has won it lavish praise. Nature has endowed it with a beauty that remains unique to this place. Apart from Natural beauty, Kashmir was fortunate to come under the rule of the beauty lover Mughal emperors. Mughal emperors here laid some beautiful gardens throughout Kashmir. The Gardens have been made artistically at some perfect locations making them exquisitely beautiful. These Gardens are known as Mughal Gardens. The Gardens are favorite with the local people as well as the foreign tourists. Two of the most beautiful and famous gardens in Kashmir are located on the banks of the Dal Lake. They are Nishat Garden and Shalimar Garden.


Laid in 1633 AD by the brother of Mughal Queen Noor Jahan, Asif Khan, Nishat is one of the most famous Mughal gardens in Kashmir. The Garden is laid at the foot of the Zabarwan Hills, on the banks of the Dal Lake. From here you can have a majestic view of the Dal Lake. Set in the backdrop of the Zabarwan hills, Nishat garden looks extremely beautiful. A beautiful water channel runs right through the middle of the garden, emptying in the Dal.

Nishat Bagh is a popular picnic spot. The Garden is thronged by a large number of people during summers. They enjoy leisure walks on the lush green grass here. A number of beautiful flowers, typical to the place grow here.  One of the many ghats, from where you can board a shikara boat is located just outside the gate of the Garden. Shikaras from here take you to all the major attractions in Dal.


This garden was laid by Mughal emperor Jahangir, a supreme lover of nature. It was laid in 1619. The garden lies to the north-east of the Dal Lake. It is another beautiful garden on the banks of the Dal. The Garden is elegantly adorned by beautiful flower beds and canals. A water channel runs in the middle of this garden as well, making it more beautiful, more pleasant and more scenic. Fountains are lined in the water channel; the water from these fountains, reflecting the sun light come down in wonderful rainbow colors. A wonderful view of Dal Lake is available from here. The garden wears its best looks in spring and autumn. Many fruit plants and flowers grow here. Besides, some majestic Chinar trees also stand here. A shikara ghat is located outside the garden.