KASHMIR SKIING: A Surreal Adventure




Incomparable snow and related snow adventure can only be found in Gulmarg Skiing due to the continent's extreme southern exposure and high altitude,

35° latitude or thereabouts. Nearly twice as much snow falls in Gulmarg each season than in the European Alps. Skiing is safe and well-supervised at Gulmarg by professional patrolling teams.


Enjoy the stunning snow-capped mountains and the clean valley of Gulmarg. Gulmarg's natural splendour leaves one speechless.


Mount Apharwat, which can be reached in two stages, is Mount Gulmarg Skiing's main draw. It starts from the 10,076-foot-high Gulmarg Ski Resort.


Similar to where Asia's highest cable car, the Gulmarg Gondola, tallest cable vehicle starts moving. People are transported by cable car up a 1,348-foot vertical ascent to the Kongdoori station. Kangdoori Station is the perfect place for novices to learn the fundamentals of skiing. Numerous mildly steep ski slopes can be found there. The cable car climbs 4,482 feet to reach the Apharwat summit in the second section, which begins at Kongdoori. A chairlift connects Kangdoori and Marry Shoulder in Gulmarg. Skiers often travel to this location. The high point of the gondola journey is Apharwat Peak.


Individuals, groups, families, students, beginners, and advanced users can all benefit from our packages. We provide all Gulmarg skiing packages for clients of all income levels, from budget to premium and luxury.




Kashmir is a region "where sun shines moderately." It has the ideal climate and is a cool location. Here, the winters are chilly and there is a lot of snowfall. In addition, the valley has many mountains because it is surrounded by the powerful Himalayan mountain range. Skiing and other winter and mountain sports have a ton of options in Kashmir as a result of all this.


A holiday activity that will last a lifetime is sliding across snow with the aid of flat runners (skis), which are fastened to the boots or shoes. The skiers utilise these skis to maintain balance in their bodies and speed. The ideal ski season in Kashmir is generally regarded as being from December to April. The popular ski resorts in Jammu and Kashmir where visitors cam enjoy the snow and sun include Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Patnitop


North Kashmir is home to the valley's most well-known ski resort. One of the top five resorts in the world is the Gulmarg ski area. The most popular and well-known hill station in the entire state of Jammu & Kashmir is Gulmarg. Gulmarg is a great place to go skiing. Kashmir's ski resorts provide one of the best and most unforgettable experiences in the world due to its exceptional natural beauty and distinctive hospitality. Pahalgam and Sonamarg also offer skiing options in addition to Gulmarg. Gulmarg is the ideal location for skiing, though.


You want to go somewhere with large mountain skiing, powder, backcountry, this is the place for you.


Gulmarg is a grassland bowl with an "8" form. From December to the end of April, the area experiences some of the season's heaviest snowfall. You can race downhill for nearly 5 kilometres after riding the Gulmarg Gondola, Asia's and the world's second-highest cable car circuit, to an incredible height of almost 4,000 metres. Shark Fin is thought to be the best option for adventurers wanting the most rush. It is a favourite slope for expert skiers and is situated on the backside of the huge Mount Apharwat.


The meadow becomes baby slopes in the winter when it is covered in snow. These slopes are ideal for skiers just learning the sport. The bowl is the ideal location for anyone because it can hold more than a thousand skiers at once. For experienced athletes and intermediate skiers, the slopes in the higher reaches are great.


The slopes of the mountains at Gulmarg's upper reaches meet international standards. The mountains of Khilanmarg, Apharwat, and Alpatthar have excellent slopes with soft curry powder that feels cushioning under your skis. Skiing on the slopes requires a great deal of expertise and perseverance. Here, skiing is the pinnacle of experiences. The experience is made even better by the fact that the upper slopes are reachable via the Gondola, the second-highest cable car in the world. There is also heli-skiing accessible.


Gulmarg is a well-known winter sports location around the world. A few years ago, an international sporting event was conducted here, and competitions are regularly organised here. The regional government and the local populace is working very hard to make it the best ski resort in the world. Other winter sports, besides skiing, include ice skating, ice hockey, and many others.


Avalanche reduction and forecasting, first aid and rescue assistance, and some snow grooming are all services that the Gulmarg Ski Resort provides. Within the confines of the Gulmarg Ski Resort, some services are provided (Visit our ski maps page). The majority of the skiing at Gulmarg is off-piste, making it unlike other ski resorts. That doesn't necessarily make it riskier.


The Gulmarg Gondola's unparalleled terrain access is the main draw of the Gulmarg Ski Resort. We strongly advise using a qualified ski guide when skiing at Gulmarg. It is entirely feasible to learn how to ski or snowboard near Gulmarg. We collaborate with the top instructors and guides in Gulmarg.


Skiing in Kashmir is one of the most thrilling winter sports adventure activities that you can undertake while on vacation there because it delivers adventure seekers the ultimate rush and thrill.


In contrast to other ski resorts, Gulmarg is a haven for off-piste skiers and offers three to four groomed slopes that are typically long and wide. Unfortunately, they aren't manicured every day, so for the early risers completing the runs, they can feel a little abrasive and crunchy. Do not worry; when the sun shines brighter, they immediately become softer. The lengthy, wide, and ungroomed slopes can be safe for intermediate- to advanced-level skiers with the right instructor.


In the winter, Gulmarg's skiing lessons are in high demand. Visitors come to Gulmarg from all over the world to learn to ski. In Gulmarg, there are beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiing courses available. Skiing is a popular activity among adventure seekers and has risen to the top of the list of leisure pursuits in this century.


Since the towering Himalayas are present and the state of J&K is the ideal site for this sport, skiing is becoming quite popular here.The location provides chairs, T-bars, sledges, and toboggans.Lifts and Snow Cycles are available for a variety of additional activities. For a little amusement and fun, people also flock to the location for fishing, hiking, golfing, water sports, and other less adventurous activities. In India, Gulmarg is regarded as the top skiing location. Steep skiing slopes surrounded by magnificent scenery are what make this place unique. These features make Gulmarg a popular destination for skiers each year.

Gulmarg welcomes skiers of all skill levels.


Everyone may find something to enjoy in the Gulmarg ski resorts, from beginners to experts. There are several ski packages available as well. The majority of amateur skiers use the two kilometre long trail. A 3 km-long track, also known as the phase 1 trail, is available for people who are intermediate hikers.


There are numerous instructors that are constantly nearby and very vigilant, so you don't need to worry about your safety. Beginners will be instructed on gentle slopes, and when you're ready, the difficulty will rise. For those just starting out, snow lifts are available. When visiting the resorts and ski lodges, based on the location, affordability, view, and distance to the ski resort, there are a wide range of options to pick from. In Gulmarg, there is also the official Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering. You can receive guaranteed professional snow skiing instruction here, and all the details will be examined. The Institute offers a variety of courses. In the months of December and March, a 14-day skiing course is offered for Rs 12000. Both regular tourists and ski instructors have lodging options. The accommodations here typically cost Rs 3500 per night.


Prior to travelling to the ski slopes during the busy seasons, it is advisable to make a reservation. You don't want to go through all that trouble just to be let down by your accommodations. The guides, gondola tickets, ski passes, snowboard rentals, ski lessons, and hotel accommodations for the ski trip can all be pre-booked or hired as part of a package.


November to March is the best time to go skiing in Kashmir. Skiing is organised by the local tourism bureau in Kashmir. If you're a more skilled skier, local businesses offer a variety of group skiing trips in Kashmir, especially to well-known regions like Gulmarg. These skiing trip packages to Kashmir often include other winter activities for you to choose from.



In 1927, the British established Gulmarg, the premier skiing base in the Himalayas. The town holds the distinction of being among the most inexpensive and best lift-served ski resorts in the world. Gulmarg features a Gondola Cable Car Lift from Gulmarg to Apharwat summit, which is excellent for learning how to ski. Gulmarg used to host two major festivities in the past, one for Christmas and one for Easter. Gulmarg began staging national competitions for the sport as it grew in popularity. In January and February 1998, Gulmarg hosted the country of India's inaugural National Winter Games.


It is estimated that 500 skiers competed in the Christmas and Easter ski races in 1938–1939. The atmosphere in Gulmarg is similar to skiing in Kashmir during the 1940s and 1950s in Europe—"the Alps of old."


The distinction of being one of the highest lift-served ski resorts in the world belongs to Gulmarg. This is because a 3-kilometre downhill ski run has been installed thanks to the installation of the Gondola Cable Car Lift from Gulmarg to the Apharwat top. The resort also offers three ski lifts for beginners and one chair lift for intermediate skiers, respectively.


The Gulmarg ski season typically begins in the middle of December and runs until the middle of April. The first Indian National Winter Games were held at Gulmarg in January and February 1998, with significantly upgraded and expanded facilities.Instructers who have received specialised training can also serve as tour guides. Gulmarg is the world's premier ski resort, making it a great spot to learn the sport. inexpensive ski area.


In Gulmarg, The Ski Club of India was founded in 1927. Gulmarg, which is 50 miles from Srinagar and sits at a height of 2,730 m, attracts skiers from all over the world.Under the supervision and direction of qualified and knowledgeable instructors, visitors can try out this activity while on vacation in this location. There are a number of government-run ski stores that sell equipment such as skis, boots, sticks, gloves, and goggles.


Skiing in the Himalayas is one of the main draws for travellers who enjoy adventure. The Ski Club of India was founded at Gulmarg in 1927 by two British Army Officers, Metcarp and Maj. Hadow.


 Five snowmobiles that can be utilised to ascend the mountain as well as two Kasse Bohrer snow beating machines can also be purchased at the resort.


Available Skiing Facilitie

The best amenities in Asia are offered here. Beginners are taught how to handle the powdery snow and the safety considerations that must be observed when skiing in skiing schools. There are stores that rent out the necessary equipment. Additionally, the gear and equipment offered are the best available anywhere in the globe. There are also excellent medical facilities in the area that handle any accidents that happen on the slopes. There are also avalanche control facilities.



Kashmir takes pride in possessing the only heliskiing resort in Asia. Heliskiing is another winter sport that Gulmarg offers. A truly extraordinary experience is being dropped from a helicopter at the top of a tall, snow-covered peak and then skiing down the slopes.


The primary heli-skiing base in Kashmir is Apharwat Peak near Gulmarg. It is the best location for heli-skiing enthusiasts after Canada. This thrilling activity has just recently become popular in Kashmir.


Due to a significant crowding in the gondola and a ticketing issue, heli-skiing is an option for a hassle-free skiing experience. The ultimate skiing adventure is heli-skiing. It is amazing to enjoy thrilling skiing on excellent slopes at a high altitude while also taking in the magnificent natural beauty and stunning views from a helicopter. In the most well-known mountain range in the world, heli skiing offers up large tracts of virgin powder.


Punch Peak, which soars to a height of 4,745 metres (15,567 feet), is one of the tallest peaks in the Pir Panjal which offers free riders a thigh-burning, over 2,000 metre (6,561 foot) steep plunge. The number of skiers travelling to Kashmir has dramatically increased with the introduction of Heli ski. The journey in the chopper is breath taking.



Three categories—Basic, Intermediate, and Advance. The Basic course is the entry-level level for those who are essentially skiing for the first time, the Intermediate course is for those who are comfortable skiing or have finished the Basic course, and the Advance course is for those who have finished both the Basic and Intermediate courses.


Gulmarg has some of the top beginner and intermediate ski slopes in the nation. Skiing equipment can be rented at the Ski-Shop. Gulmarg's natural incline and slopes become the top skiing destination in the nation during the winter. enthusiasm.shortly after they arrived.


There are a select few slopes that are served by ski lifts out of the numerous slopes. These slopes, which are best suited to novice and intermediate skiers with runs ranging from 200 metres to three kilometres, become the main focus of skiing. Both beginner and intermediate skiers can take lessons on these slopes.


Gulmarg Kashmir's Pros and cons:



For advanced to expert riders, the Gulmarg Gondola offers some spectacular in-bounds terrain.

For those who don't mind exerting a little bit of effort, the area outside the resort offers a wide variety of fantastic terrain.

Snowfall in Gulmarg, Kashmir, is plentiful.

Gulmarg offers a tonne of action-packed experiences; it's hot.

With Kashmir Heliski, you may extend your Gulmarg adventures to include heli skiing.

You'll love experiencing the diverse culinary options, and the cultural experiences are amazing.



Gulmarg is not well suited for families, novices, or intermediates from other countries.

Your home mobile phone won't work, and the wifi only operates occasionally or at a snail's pace.

The majority of hotels and restaurants do not serve alcohol.

There are many avalanche-prone slopes in the area.



Gulmarg is not a place to go for a quick fix. The journey there and the subsequent acclimatisation require considerable dedication and time.


The Gulmarg Ski Resort's peak is at dizzying altitudes and you'll definitely experience some initial slowdown due to the altitude (particularly at the bar!). Altitude sickness is typically not a serious problem for most people because you will only be skiing at 2,700 metres.


 The good hotels have a backup generator because the electricity goes out frequently.


This is a location for off-road skiing and riding.


It all begins at Apharwat's foundation. The two phases can be found in a mountain: A gondola takes passengers to Phase I. It connects Gulmarg to Kungdori, where you may ski back to the village without stopping. Phase II connects Kungdori to the Apharwat summit, and is also accessible via gondola. A chair lift connects Kungdori and Marry Shoulder, from where one may ski back to Gulmarg.


Beginner-friendly bunny slopes are located down by the village, which is typically completely covered with snow from late January through early March. These are broad, simple slopes that are accessible both during the day and at night for skiing. Along these slopes are two button lifts. But during the busiest snow season, huge lines require a lot of patience.


Terrain at Gulmarg Ski Resort

You will need to take two successive gondolas to get the large ski hill at Gulmarg Resort. The top of the Gulmarg Gondola is slightly under 4,000 metres, while Mt. Apharwat has further ski touring terrain that rises to a height of roughly 4,220 metres. Some of the bowls offer 1,330 metres of thigh-destroying vertical fall once you exit the lifts!


With bowls, chutes, cornices, glade skiing through centuries-old trees, and glacier skiing, Gulmarg's ski terrain seems to go on forever. Not to mention the long ski descents to some of the nearby shrines and villages, which give the landscape an entirely new depth.


Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts who prefer off-piste backcountry terrain should consider Gulmarg. There are only a few newcomers and Gulmarg Kashmir is unquestionably not the spot for the ordinary beginning or intermediate rider, however Indian tourists appreciate the intermediate terrain there.



The best months to go skiing in Kashmir are between December and March. A long span of time has been cut short by global warming. The area experiences a soft and substantial snowfall around this time, which turns the landscape a lovely shade of white. Equipment and training are easily accessible. Warm clothing is a must due to the extreme temperature outside. Gulmarg in Kashmir is the spot for you if skiing is something you enjoy doing. Avoid missing the fun.


Guides & Ski Tours in Gulmarg

It is strongly advised to hire a reputable Gulmarg guide due to the complexity of some of the exits, the nature of the terrain, and the possibility of avalanches. In Gulmarg, a wide range of guides are available, including Australians, Americans, Brits, Kiwis, and indigenous Kashmiris. The majority provide a range of packages that typically include all local transportation, lodging, and some meals in addition to the guiding services. Some business owners will additionally offer the availability of snow safety gear.



In Kashmir, which is in India's far north-west, you can find Gulmarg.

Mt. Apharwat, a mountain that is a part of the Pir Panjal Range of the Western Himalayan Mountains, is where the top of the Gulmarg Gondola is situated.


The closest airport to Gulmarg is in Srinagar, which is a few hours away by car. Tour companies offer shuttles from the airport, or individual travellers can take a taxi. The journey is just breath taking!


Why Ski or Snowboard in Gulmarg

Gulmarg Resort is something you absolutely must experience while your heart is still beating because of the terrain, snow, culture, people, and bizarre and lovely spontaneous deeds. At 3950 metres above sea level, Gulmarg is the third-highest ski resort in the world and is renowned for its fluffy snow courses. The longest ski slope in Asia is on its spectacular Apharwat peak (4390m).


How are the slopes in Gulmarg?

The lengths of the Apharwat's easy, intermediate, and tough ski routes range from around 7.5 km to 16.5 km and 6 km, respectively. Due to the significant avalanche risk of Phase I and II mountains, there is avalanche patrolling there. This is why hiring a local instructor—even for experienced skiers and snowboarders—is crucial.





Pick up at the airport in Srinagar and travel to Gulmarg

Once you arrive at the airport in Srinagar, you will be driven to the resort in Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir.

Enjoy the two-hour trip as you pass through countryside, villages, and snow-covered mountains.

The road is level and plain until you get to the foothills of the Afarwat Mountains, but after that it ascends steadily for the final 30 minutes to Gulmarg.

Relax and enjoy local meals at the resort.

After getting clean, spend some time getting accustomed to the weather and exploring the snow-covered area.

Later, unwind with a delectable buffet dinner to relieve your fatigue.



Day 2 Equipment Distribution | Skiing Training:

Wake up at 8 AM, get up and eat a great breakfast.

Attend the introductory class, take the provided skiing equipment, and get to know the sport's specialists.

Attend the training that the lecturers will be doing later.

Have a buffet lunch during your break.

The instruction comprises equipment demonstrations, downhill movement practise, sidestepping practise, snowplough practise, etc.

Enjoy the evening at your leisure and look at the ski resort's surroundings.

Enjoy the supper buffet, then unwind in your room.


DAY 3 Skiing practise

At 8 AM, get up and eat a great breakfast.

Spend time today learning advanced skiing techniques including using the snowplough, short ski runs, and parallel ski runs. Have a buffet lunch during your break.

Practise alone with the instructor's direction after lunch.

Have a relaxing evening.

Enjoy the supper buffet, then unwind in your room.



Day 4 Practice Session | Gandola Cable Car Ride

At 8 AM, get up and have a great breakfast.

Utilise what you've learned about skiing over the last three days by doing it while being supervised by a skiing coach.

Have a buffet lunch during your break.

Experience the breath taking scenery when you ride the Gondola Cable Car to Apharwat Mountain's Phase 2.

Enjoy the supper buffet, then unwind in your room.


Day 5: Departure and Drop-off

Wake up around 8 AM, have a delectable breakfast.

Check out of the resort and conclude your trip with a wealth of exciting recollections.

Drop off at the airport in Srinagar and then return to your separate locations.




1.Pulwama skiing

In the Srinagar region, Pulwama is renowned for its apple orchards, waterfalls, natural springs, and stunning landscapes. The best place to go skiing and snowboarding in Kashmir is Pulwama.



2.Aru Valley skiing

Aru, a ski resort town near Pahalgam, is another place to go skiing in Jammu & Kashmir. The area has a beautiful landscape and an amazing outlook. The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports is a skiing school that provides teaching for novices.



3.Skiing at Patnitop:

If you've never skied before, Patnitop's alpine slopes are the perfect place to learn. Both novice and expert skiers visit Madha Top, which is located on the Sanasar Road about 5 to 6 kilometres from Patnitop.


Ideal season for skiing in Patnitop


The optimum time to ski in Patnitop is from late January to early February.




1.How is Gulmarg's gondola service

The Gulmarg gondola service begins at the ski station, which provides services like avalanche mitigation and forecasting, snow grooming, as well as first aid and rescue. Couples on their honeymoon, regular visitors, and skiers are jam-packed into the station, and the wait for

Particularly for those who are skiing downhill while waiting to go up again for another run, the gondola may be quite long and difficult. The gondolas are well-maintained and operate in the winter from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Snowstorms may cause them to close. Phase I can only handle a few runs per day due to how congested the station becomes.


2.What is the cost of the passes and where can I get them?

The ski station itself is where you can buy the day passes for the various phases. A ski pass can range in price from Rs. 740 to Rs. 950 per day, depending on the region one is visiting.


3.Is it possible to rent ski equipment in Gulmarg?

The beginner slopes are immediately adjacent to the government equipment rental business.

, and it costs Rs. 800 per day to rent a pair of high-quality skis, boots, and poles. However, it is advised to have your own helmet and eye protection since those cannot be rented when visiting Gulmarg.


4. I already know how to ski, should I still hire an instructor?

All of the ski instructors are natives of Kashmir. They typically loiter near ski runs and make about Rs 2,500 per day. Even though they are all skilled skiers, not all of them are certified instructors. However, the majority of these instructors are competent at what they do, speak simple English, and have extensive knowledge of those mountains. However, it is essential to choose an experienced instructor who is also certified.


If you share your shoe size with them, they will lend you skis and shoes in addition to ski passes. This saves a lot of time because there is really no need to wait in line to buy gondola or chairlift tickets or visit the ski rental shop.


5.Can I use the restroom while skiing or snowboarding?

 It would be preferable for you to just stay away from it.


6.Are there any food options on the slopes?

On Phase I, there is a collection of seven to eight locally owned eateries packed close together. Along with hot kahwa and coffee, they provide a variety of appetisers such as mutton pakoras, rajma-chawal, and cheese Maggi. They are spotless, and the freshly prepared food is steaming hot.


7.How long should my skiing trip in Gulmarg be?

Five days ought to be plenty for skiers at the beginning and intermediate levels. A week should be sufficient for a skier who is skilled and eager to reach the higher peaks.Skiing in Kashmir's Gulmarg is an unforgettable experience. The slope descends into the exhilarating wilderness with pine forests, wide alpine bowls, and unexplored summits. Skiing in Gulmarg takes place at 3,979 metres, one of the highest peaks in the world, over the course of two periods. The first phase runs from Kongdoori at 3,080 metres to 2,600 metres in Gulmarg. The second phase, which has 36 cabins and 18 towers, transports passengers to the Apharwat Peak at a height of 3,979 metres. For the purpose of transporting skiers to Alpine, a chair lift system connects Kongdoori with Mary's shoulder at 3400m.



8.Which areas in Kashmir are great for skiing?

Gulmarg is among the top locations in Kashmir for skiing.


9.What time of year is ideal for skiing in Gulmarg?

The months of January through March are ideal for skiing in Kashmir Gulmarg.


10. Is it safe to ski in Kashmir?

Yes, skiing in Kashmir is  safe.


11.Are there any certified guides or private instructors in Gulmarg for skiing?

 Yes, there are private teachers and trained guides for ice skiing in Gulmarg. 11:37 PM


12.Apart from skiing, what other adventurous activities are available in Kashmir?

Besides skiing,Kashmir also offers river rafting, shikara rides, ßmountain biking, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, jeep safaris, paragliding, fishing, hot air balloon rides, and many more adventure sports.


13.What is the cost of skiing in Gulmarg?

 The price of skiing at Gulmarg varies depending on the package chosen. The prices begin at Rs. 2,000.


14.What equipment is required for skiing at Gulmarg?

The essential equipment for Gulmarg India Skiing is available for rent in the stores close to the ski resorts, including heavy woollens and snow boots.


15.Can a beginner attempt skiing in Gulmarg, right?

In Gulmarg, beginners can try skiing.


16.How much snow falls in Gulmarg overall each year?

Ans Each year brings a different amount of snowfall to Gulmarg. But Gulmarg receives 14 metres or so of snow on average each year.