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The famous Hazratbal Shrine is located on the left bank of the Dal Lake, 8kms from city centre Lalchowk. 

This is the most famous Shrine in Kashmir, as the Moi-e-Muqadas, the Sacred Hair of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is preserved here. The Shrine is frequented by local devotees as well as tourists. The shrine is a unique combination of holiness and beauty, attracting people from all over the world. From the garden in front of the Shrine mosque, you can have a breathtaking view of Dal Lake, in the backdrop of majestic Zabarwan Hills. Famous Nishat Garden is located opposite to the Shrine on the other side of the Dal Lake. A shikara from the ghat just outside the Shrine takes you to Nishat via Char Chinar and the Golden Gate. 

Hazratbal is the only domed mosque in Kashmir. The shrine with its immaculate white marble is reflected in the waters of the lake, making it a treat to watch. Hazratbal Shrine defines the love of people for their beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The history of the Shrine dates back to early seventeenth century. 

The Moi-e-Muqadas, sacred Hair of the Prophet (PBUH), came to Kashmir during Aurangzeb’s rule in 1699. It was, at first, preserved at shrine of Naqashband Sahib. The Shrine was small, however and thus not capable of catering to a huge rush of people that thronged the shrine to have a glimpse of the holy relic. Therefore Aurangzeb ordered the relic to be preserved at Hazratbal Shrine. 

The Moi-e-Muqadas is displayed on various holy days and is usually on public display inside a glass casket. Five or six fairs are held at Hazratbal every year; the principal one being Shab-e-Meraj. Fridays also wear a festive look here, as people assemble here in huge numbers to pray. The holy relic is also displaed on Fridays. Hazratbal Shrine is artistic, beautiful and pristine. It is visible from most parts of the Dal Lake and offers a majestic view throughout your ride on the waters.
CIN : U63040DL2008PTC177736   Government of India
Reg No : Reg/2019/DT/42/l-2   Government of J&K Tourism