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Kashmir Mountains Kashmir enjoys a unique combination of forests, meadows, lakes and mountains. The valley is surrounded by majestic peaks on all sides. The state is located in the Pir-Panjal range of the Himalayas. The Himalayan range has the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest. The peaks of the valley give it a unique charm making it more beautiful than Switzerland. These peaks have a great geographical significance in Kashmir. Most of these peaks remain covered with snow throughout the year. The major peaks situated in Kashmir Valley are:


Harmukh range is located in the Himalayas at an altitude of 5141. The alp ranges lie near Bandipura between Jhelum and Kishan Ganga Valley.


Amarnath is famous for the Holy Cave. Every year many Hindu pilgrims come to this mountain to visit the Amarnath temple. It is situated at an altitude of 5372m. The peak is situated to the South Kashmir near Pahalgam. Gwasharan is also placed in the Lidder valley towards Pahalgam at a height of 5450 metres above the sea level. The famous Kolohai glacier lies on this alp. Another peak in this area is Sheeshnag. The peaks resemble the heads of seven snakes, hence the name Sheeshnag.


Tosamaidan along with Kajinag peaks lie in the inner Himalayas. Tosamaidan is located at an altitude of 4270 metres and the Kajinag Plateau lies at a height of 3700 metres. The water originating from the snow in these foothills flows directly into the Jhelum.

Tosa Maidan in Kashmir is not only famous as a meadowland but also for its ancient background. Bounded by thick forests, it is situated about 11 Kilometers  from Khag in the foothills of the Himalayan scope.  After crossing the higher mountain reaches of Drang,  Zakhora and other small hamlets, one reaches the meadowland of Tosa Maidan.

Tosa Maidan is pasture in Budgam district of Kashmir. Tosa Maidan was leased to the Indian army in 1964 for setting up an artillery firing range in a 50-year lease that ended in 2014.

Trekking in  Tosa Maidan

The route of the trek is both magnificent and also has ancient importance. The most sought after in the route is Tosamaidan pasture.

The five-day trek will take off on from Khag. On first day one will trek nearby 30 -kilometers up to Tosamaidan. On second day, one will hike from Toosamaidaan to China Marg (glacier and lake) distance of 26 -kilometers. On third day trekkers will start from China Marg upto Loren and Mandi (Poonch) a distance of 16-kilometers. The trekkers after staying for night in Poonch will start return journey next day from Mandi to Soujam to Jedan a total distance of 29-kilometers. On fifth day, group will trek from Jedan to Khag a total of 35-kilometer distance.

It is said that Tosa Maidan is one of those pastures that the shepherds of other neighboring nations also used to visit in ancient times. The Mughal empire used to go to Poonch using this direction. It is said that they had constructed a seven-storeyed construction – Dam-Dam - here.

The Basmai Gali(13,000 ft) is the pass which leads into Tosa Maidan. Another pass - Poonch Gali - on its right side leads to the valley of Poonch. This pass was deemed to be the safest, easiest, and nearest to reach Punjab in prehistoric times. From here, a path also leads to Nilnag. Tosa Maidan is the largest pasture in its neighboring areas, 3 miles in length and 1.5 miles in width. Sky-touching deodars fence this pasture presenting a view of a green carpet in summer. In the summer, the camps of the Gujjar society and shepherds with their grazing sheep in the pastures present a riveting image. Also, the fragrance of wild flowers refreshes the whole atmosphere.


The world famous tourist resort Gulmarg hosts these mountains. Alpathhar Lake lieson the top of this alp. NallahNagal emerges from this lake and flows into the Wullar. The massif is famous for tough grade skiing and Heli-skiing.


This mountain range separates Kashmir Valley from Jammu and the outer Himalayas. The range is spread over a length of 2621 Km and a breadth of 50 Km. on its peak, in the shape of a tunnel lieson the famous Banihal Pass. A tunnel, named Jawahar Tunnel has been made over it which is about 3 Km long. This tunnel separates Jammu from Kashir.

Some of the mountains in Kashmir are Volcanic also. So far twelve earthquakes have rocked the valley. The most devastating earthquake occurred in 1885. It left almost entire state in a state of rubble. Soyamji in Handwara area and Kharewa in Pahalgam are considered to be volcanic. Kharewa is almost dead, while as Soyamji continued eruption of Lava for 13 months in 1934.


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