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Heli Skiing This is rather a recent adventure introduced in Kashmir Valley. Heli-skiing is available in Gulmarg ski resort for veteran skiers, who want to take the toughest ski challenge. Heli-skiing was launched in Gulmarg in 2011, to make the higher mountain slopes available to the expert skiers.

Skiers want the snow under their skis to be soft and fresh. They want to have that cushioned feel under the skis, which makes skiing very comfortable and pleasant. This type of snow however is available at high altitudes only. However, the access to these high altitude slopes is not easy and often causing fatigue and tiredness, thus affecting the performance. So, they need to have a more comfortable means of access to the slopes.

The most famous ski resort of the valley lies in north Kashmir. Gulmarg ski resort has been rated as one of the top five ski resorts of the world. Gulmarg is the most famous and most visited hill station in the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir. Skiing in Gulmarg is a wonderful experience. Skiing in Kashmir, coupled with the outstanding natural beauty and a unique hospitality makes it one of the best and most memorable experiences of the world.

Mountains in the upper reaches of Gulmarg have ski slopes that are at par with the international standards. Khilanmarg, Apharwat and Alpatthar mountains have quality slopes and a soft curry powder from the heavens, which gives you a cushioned feel under your skis. The slopes are difficult to ski on and needs a lot of skill and determination. Skiing here is an ultimate experience. The higher mountains are accessible through the world’s second highest cable car, Gondola, which makes the experience even more wonderful. However, due to a heavy rush of people in the Gondola and ticketing problem, Heli-skiing is available for a hassle free skiing. Heli-skiing is the ultimate skiing adventure. The exciting skiing in quality slopes at high altitude coupled with a splendid natural beauty and perfect views from a helicopter is fantastic.

With the launching of Heli ski, Kashmir has seen a steep rise in the number of skiers visiting. The helicopter ride is spectacular. You can take photographs and after that the glide down the mountains on virgin snow without having to compete with any hordes is divine. Various skilled adventure sports guides are available, who have climbed Mount Everest more than once. Registration is quick and easy and the rates are cheap starting at US $270. So, if you are looking for Heli ski, Kashmir is the place to look out for and then for sure, you will forget Switzerland.
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